Discover The Quickest & Easiest Way To Lose Weight, Look Great, & Feel Like A Million Bucks Without Going On Another Diet!  

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Dear Friend, 

Let's face it... almost no one likes going on a diet. 

Not only can it be a miserable experience, it almost never works. 

Here's why...

The reason dieting rarely works is because it forces you to give up all the things you love.  

I don't know about you, but I'm just not willing to give up chocolate, ice cream, pasta, and all the other things I crave.

Believe me, I've tried, and it turned me into a moody and bitter person!! 

But what if I told you that...


You Can Have Your Cake & Eat It Too


What if I told you - you can still eat all your favorite foods and lose weight at the same time!

And what if you could continue to spoil yourself with all those decadent treats without a single ounce of guilt!

Wouldn't that be an ideal meal plan that you could stick to?

If you've ever wanted to lose weight and feel great without the horrible restrictions of dieting then this could be the most life-changing letter you'll ever read... 

Here's why...


I've Figured Out How to Drop The Excess Weight Without Having To Sacrifice Anything!

Yes, you read that right. 

In our home, we still eat pancakes, cookies, ice cream, and so much more. It's just that now I know how to make them healthy and delicious too.

Done Right, Your Favorite Foods Can Actually Be Super Healthy For You Too!

But wait, it gets even better...

Not only am I going to show you how to make all your favorite foods healthy, but I'm also going to show you how to make them so tasty that people will swear they were created by some high-end celebrity chef. 

And get this... you can pull off most of these recipes I'm about to give you in less than 20 minutes!

I know that may sound like a dream come true, especially if you're as busy as I am, but I'm about to prove that you can do it too.


You'll Even Save Money When You Follow These Tips...

Hi, I'm Lyndsy Karrie,

And the truth is, I wasn't always a hot-shot in the kitchen. In fact, far far from it. 

When I began cooking, I could barely put together a full meal without screwing something up.

 And don't even get me started about the first time I tried to cook Thanksgiving dinner. Let's just say, there was a lot of over-spiced and burnt dishes involved. 😒

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But with a little bit of patience and practice, I kept getting better and better. 

And so can you. 

In fact, it doesn't take long at all to become so good that people will be begging for your food! And I can get you to this point a heck of a lot faster too!

I'm going to guide you through the whole process from A to Z.

It will be like I'm right in your kitchen holding your hand the entire time.

Become A Top-Chef In The Kitchen
Even If Right Now You Can Barely Microwave A Pot Pie!

Time and time again people tell me... "But Lyndsy, I seriously can't cook".

However, I know that doesn't have to stay true.

Cooking is not rocket science. It's simply following easy directions. 

If you can put a 1/2 a cup of almond flour into a measuring cup, I CAN TEACH YOU HOW TO COOK!

If you can pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees, YOU CAN COOK!

If you can read, YOU CAN COOK!

I know it may seem hard at first, but it's a thousand times better than feeding yourself and your family unhealthy food that puts everyone's health at risk. 

I promise that you'll be so proud of yourself for prioritizing your family's and your health rather than taking the easy and more convenient way out. 

And let me tell you...

There's Nothing Easy About Obesity,
Diabetes, Cancer, or Heart Disease! 

I don't say that to scare you or to make you feel bad. I say it because I care about you and your family. 

And when you start looking at the facts, there's a lot to be scared about...

According To The CDC...

  • About 610,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year–that’s 1 in every 4 deaths.
  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women.
  • Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) is the most common type of heart disease, killing over 370,000 people annually.
  • Every year about 735,000 Americans have a heart attack! 
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And it's not just heart disease you have to worry about. 

The Center For Disease Control (CDC) also reports this about obesity...

  • The prevalence of obesity was 39.8% and affected about 93.3 million of US adults in 2015~2016.

  • Obesity-related conditions include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer that are some of the leading causes of preventable, premature death.

  • The estimated annual medical cost of obesity in the United States was $147 billion in 2008 US dollars; the medical cost for people who have obesity was $1,429 higher than those of normal weight.

And here's what the CDC says about Diabetes...

  • More than 30 million Americans have diabetes.

  • Another 84 million US adults have prediabetes, a serious health condition in which blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but not high enough yet to be diagnosed as type 2 diabetes.

  • A person with prediabetes is at high risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

  • Diabetes also increases the risk of heart disease and stroke and can lead to other serious complications, such as kidney failure, blindness, and amputation of a toe, foot, or leg.

  • People with diabetes spend more on health care, have fewer productive years, and miss more work days compared to people who don’t have diabetes. In 2017, the total estimated cost of diagnosed diabetes was $327 billion, including $237 billion in direct medical costs and $90 billion in reduced productivity.


I know this may sound like doom & gloom and a bit over the top, but these are real government stats, not some scare tactics and phony numbers that I pulled out of thin air.

In fact, I have links at the bottom of this page to support every claim made in this letter so you know that what I'm saying is 100% true.

I bring up these scary numbers because there's a huge chance that if you and your family continue to eat the way most people do, you will quite likely fall victim to these statistics too. 

But It's Not Too Late For You To Make A Difference! 

Why Is Why I Created... "The Real Food Challenge"

Now, you too can turn your health and your family's health around for the better without having to give up all your favorite foods!

By using the recipes I created for you in The Real Food Challenge, it's like having a Cheat Day every day except that your body will actually thank you for it! Just check out what the folks all over this page have said about The Real Food Challenge...

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Sabrina Busch

"I am completely impressed at how simple it was. The shopping list was extremely helpful. The recipes were simple, kept it fun, and can please even the pickiest eaters! The lemon rosemary salmon, spaghetti squash, and BBQ ribs, and sweet potato fries were some of our favorites.”

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Elaine Shtein

"AMAZING! I am super impressed with your recipes! The information you put together is so valuable! It’s packed with recipes, tips, videos, PDFs, and a community full of people looking for better health. I'm truly impressed. Just love what you put together."

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Shonet Robson

"I made the spaghetti sauce for supper and poured it over garlic zucchini noodles. It was super easy to make & I loved that everything went into the blender. Less dishes to clean the better! Plus it tasted amazing. So happy for simple, healthy meals."

Here's A Small Sample Of Week #1

  • Day 1: How to easily and properly set your intention for the reset! (Traditional diets rob you of this potential power - while the Real Yummy Reset actually increases it ten-fold! 

  • Day 2: The little known secrets of accountability that can be the make or break moment of whether you experience failure or success!

  • Day 3: Why you can't trust ingredients on labels: Dirty tricks the food companies play with your health - and how to stop them COLD in their tracks!

  • Day 4: Where you should never shop for groceries! The dirtiest, most toxic grocery stores in the world and you are likely surrounded by them! We'll show you the best alternatives.

  • Day 5: Warning - Avoid storing your food in these type of containers. Ignoring this simple warning could put you at risk to ingest even more toxins into your system.

  • Day 6: Are you drinking the wrong kind of water? 9 out of 10 people are making this common mistake without even knowing it. 

  • Day 7: Juicing is healthy right? Not always! In fact, done wrong, juicing can put your health at serious risk. Day 7 will show you how to make sure you're juicing safely and getting the best tasting juice ever!  

Here's A Small Sample Of Week #2

  • Day 8: The easiest way to ensure you're staying on track, even when every fiber in your body feels like giving up. When you see this, you'll be inspired all over again to keep the streak alive. 

  •  Day 9: The truth about acidity in your body. What your doctor and most medical professionals never tell you that could seriously jeopardize your health.
  •  Day 10: Better than daily vitamins. Try these supplements and it will help your digestive system better than anything you've probably tried before. 
  •  Day 11: The sneaky ingredient tricks food companies use to lace your food with extra sugar without you knowing and how to avoid their traps.
  •  Day 12: Caution: If you are eating nuts without doing this simple process, you're potentially reeking havoc on your digestive system. Discover how to eat nuts the safest and healthiest way.

  • Day 13: Milk does a body good right? Wrong. It's the worst! Especially if you're drinking most store bought brands. Discover the facts on the best type of milk and dairy alternatives NOW!.
  • Day 14: If you are worried about gluten in your food this will be the best chapter you will ever read. Discover how to eat pasta, pizza, pancakes, cookies and more without the gluten setbacks!   
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Ronnie Landis

"Caught my eye right away. Great images, layout, photos, recipes. This is a great plan for people to easily transition into a healthier lifestyle and help them create momentum which is super important. Really awesome work!"

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Jani Lottering

"I have followed your bone broth recipes, and for the first time EVER, soup is an absolute FAVORITE in my home. I'm not joking when I say that every second day there is a pot of bone broth simmering on the stove.”

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Donna Andriolo

"Big thanks for your wonderful food plan and for sharing your story with the world. My favorite recipes from Week 1 were the coconut pancakes and the sweet potato hash. Thanks again, you're a real inspiration πŸ‘"

Here's A Small Sample Of Week #3

  • Day 15: How to keep up the momentum now that you're half way through The Real Yummy Reset. At this point, you'll realize it's easier to stick with your new routine than to fall backward into your old ways. 

  •  Day 16: Why you should avoid margarines and fake butter spreads even if you've been told they are healthier for you. In fact, many of them contain toxic oils that you should never ingest into your body. 

  •  Day 17: DANGER: The overwhelming amount of food in most grocery stores are sprayed with these cancer causes chemicals. If you care about the you and your families health you'll want to avoid these at all costs! 

  •  Day 18: The secret to making epic and healthy smoothies - and the best part is you can do this in less than five minutes! 

  •  Day 19: Plus, how to make your foods rich in probiotics for ultimate gut health. Insulate your stomach and digestive system with some of the best known foods on the planet. 

  • Day 20: 32 different natural anti fungals that help to fight off yeast and over unwanted funguses.  You'll wish you knew about these many years ago. 

  • Day 21: Why you shouldn't shy away from snacks and desserts. Yes, you read that right! Remember, you deserve to spoil yourself and that's exactly what we're going to do.   

  • Day 22: How to transform almost any nut into the most scrumptious nut butter that you can spread on bread, crackers, fruit, and more! 

Here's A Small Sample Of Week #4

  • Day 23: Discover healthy alternative and substitutes for dairy that won't disturb even the most intense lactose intolerant person. 

  • Day 24: Better than Wonder Bread! Don't think you have to get rid of bread on The Real Yummy Reset. You'll be baking the moistest, warmest, most mouth watering breads ever!

  • Day 25: Plus, how to make noodles to die for. If you were happy to hear you can still have bread you'll be thrilled to know that we eat tons of noodles too on The Real Yummy Reset! 

  • Day 26: You scream, I scream, we all scream for Ice Cream! 

    On day 26 you'll dive into ice cream recipes that will blow your mind! Never in a million years did I think healthy could taste this good! 

  • Day 27: Five overlooked foods that naturally boost your immunity. #4 you can often find in your own backyard. 
  • Day 28: Natural ways to detox the body of accumulated toxins and poisons that have built up over the years without starving yourself. 

  • Day 29: Do you take any of these 6 essential minerals? 

    If not, you'll discover yummy foods that are loaded with these minerals and will help you to avoid any type of deficiencies that many people suffer from.

  • Day 30: Yay! You did it. Today is the day you reward yourself with a job well done! 
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Katie Brown

"My daughter is having so much fun helping me with these recipes! We love your butternut squash soup! It's perfect for a fall afternoon πŸ"

Feature Image

Natasha Johnston

"I made the Coconut Bread into muffins today and added chia seeds too. Myself and kids thought they were delicious. I look forward to trying a new recipe each day."

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Jessica & Jaden

"These recipes are wonderful. Easy to follow & the ingredients are easy to manage.” “The cinnamon toast squares were especially good & my personal favorite of the recipes."

Not Only Will You Get 30 Days of Kitchen Wisdom & Step by Step Instructions But You'll Also Get 4 Complete Weeks Of Easy To Follow Meal Plans, Recipes & Complete Shopping Lists

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Week 1 Sample: 

  • Bacon Omelette

  • Butternut Squash Soup

  • Tomato Basil Pizza

And that's just what's on Wednesday! Click here for the entire meal plan.

Feature Image

Week 2 Sample: 

  • Strawberry Stuffed Crepes

  • Cobb Salad

  • Pineapple & Pork

And that's just what's on Friday! Click here for the entire meal plan.

Feature Image

Week 3 Sample: 

  • Fruit kabobs

  • Tortilla Soup

  • Rosemary Lamb Chops

And that's just what's on Saturday! Click here for the entire meal plan.

Feature Image

Week 4 Sample: 

  • Bacon Maple Donuts

  • Cauliflower Pizza Muffins

  • Beef Stew

And that's just what's on Sunday! Click here for the entire meal plan.

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Casey Skillins

"Thank you Lyndsy for keeping me continuously inspired and highly motivated to stay the course on this healing journey for my son and I. What you are offering to the world is very special, important, and beautifully done!

If anyone is seriously interested in learning about creating the most healing, nutrient dense, kid friendly and delicious diet for their families, look no further! Amazing stuff!! And Man! By far best grain free pancakes I've ever made!!! Woohoo You are the best πŸ˜‰ πŸ‘ πŸ’•"

Feature Image

Stephanie Ross

"I cannot say enough good things about these recipes! These were the first "real food" recipes I've tried that didn't leave me overwhelmed and in the kitchen for hours. Lyndsy's pancakes and coconut bread with her strawberry jam was a huge hit with my toddler (and me too). In just 23 days, I have noticed 13 pounds gone, no more brain fog, tons of energy, arthritis pain gone, my wedding ring from 4 years ago is falling off, less stress and mood swings, and no more angry cravings. You guys, if I can make this kind of lifestyle change, anyone can!"

Feature Image

Laura Cole

"I tried Lyndsy's quinoa, peppers, and peanut sauce recipe for 4th of July lunch, it was AMAZING!

It was rich in flavor, and the sweet potatoes were my favorite part. The peanut sauce was perfect texture. For dessert, I tried the Strawberry Chessecake. Sprouted cashews and lots of good stuff made up the crust! I ate the whole slice, it was so yummy.

I felt nourished in my body in such a substantial and healthy way."

Feature Image

Julie Bingham

"The recipes are SO KID FRIENDLY! We have been trying to clean up our eating and this was just the inspiration we needed. It's beautifully presented with full color photos, easy to read simple to follow directions, and ingredients that are commonly found at the grocery store we shop. We enjoyed the pizza (of course!) and had fun replacing our bottled sauces for our homemade verisons. I was thrilled with this meal plan."

Feature Image

Juanita Henderson

"I am so impressed with this meal plan. I found the plan so easy to follow. The recipes are very simple.

I actually learned a lot from this menu, such as the benefits of sprouted almonds, hemp milk, and pasture-raised chickens and eggs versus free range. I really can’t pick a favorite meal or recipe, as they were honestly all so good.”

Feature Image

Jenna Dorius

"Totally have a new fav!! Guys you gotta make the coconut bread! I used coconut butter and it is beyond yummy! The garlic (to me) is just perfection!! I could just eat it alone, it's so fluffy and flavorful!! And I made the enchilada sauce last week and my husband thought he died and went to heaven!! He was putting it on everything and eating it like salsaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚!!!"

You'll Also Get This Epic Bonus Package! 

Not only will get you the entire 30-Day Real Food Challenge but you'll also get all 3 of these Real Yummy Bonuses absolutely free with your order today. Each of these incredible e-books retail for $17 on their own but you'll get Real Yummy Snacks, Real Yummy Beverages, and Real Yummy Desserts for FREE inside The Real Food Challenge!

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You're Protected By My 100%
Iron-Clad 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I invite you to go through the entire 30-Day Real Food Challenge and if for any reason you don't think it is worth your time and money, I'll personally refund every penny you invested.

Simply send me an email to [email protected] and I'll process your refund immediately, no questions asked! 

And, even if you decide this incredible package isn't for you, I'll let you keep all the recipes, meal plans, shopping lists, and bonuses just for trying it out!

It doesn't get any fairer then that and I'm taking all the risk for you!

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Yes, you read that right. 

I'll even let you download and keep all the e-books and PDF's if you decide this program isn't everything you wanted. 

Why would I make such a crazy good offer? 

Because I genuinely care about you and your families' health and well-being. 

I wouldn't feel right keeping this life-changing information all to myself. 

I want you and your family to benefit from all my years of training and hard work.

It is my mission to share this life-changing knowledge with the world and I'm delighted to share it with you and your family today!


You And Your Family Deserve This Type Of Health

I've done everything in my power to make The Real Food Challenge the perfect 30-day program for you to take back control of your health. And, I've provided you a rock solid guarantee that ensures you have absolutely nothing to lose and only everything to gain...


I'm very passionate about this work and I look forward to guiding you through The Real Food Challenge.

Remember, you don't have to give up all your favorite yummy foods to be healthy. In fact, I'll show you how to make all your favorites at home and taste even better while making them good for you too.

And, I'll even show you how to save time and money in the process. This way, you can spend more time with your loved ones, and spend more money on the important things they need in their lives, like high quality food.

I sincerely can't wait to meet you and support you on this journey!

It's going to be the best decision you'll ever make!

I'll see you on the inside. 



Lyndsy Karrie


PS: Remember, you seriously have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Even if you don't complete The Real Food Challenge in 30 days as intended, you'll get to keep the entire course and all the contents forever!

Which means you can access it at any time, and go through at your own pace!

And when you need me, or have a question, I'll be inside the community members area to further support you.

I promise that I can help you get on the right track once and for all with living a  healthy lifestyle, while making it fun, easy, tasty, and affordable.

And remember, even if you decide this isn't right for you once you're already inside, you can take advantage of my iron-clad 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. And... I'll even let you keep all the e-books, over 200 recipes, 4 weeks of shopping lists, real food meal plans, and other bonuses just for giving it a try. 


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Nicole Stark

"The meals are wholesome and truly healthy (what I want) and they look delicious and filling (what my boys want). I like the structure and clarity of the plan. The plan is easy to follow and the recipes are SIMPLE enough for me to whip up. Thank you Lyndsy for making this accessible to my family. This is honestly an answer to our prayers! I love that I can download the pdf to my phone! This is such a great value. I've downloaded just enough to get me started but I see way more weekly plans, extra How To's, and videos when I am ready. This is fantastic!"

Feature Image

Sheri Miles

"Today I made the Alfredo Sauce with Zucchini Noodles and Yummy barbecued ribs in an electric skillet. They turned out AMAZING! I did manage to trip the breaker in the hotel my company has me staying at.

So I offered my maintenance guy some dinner after the power got turned back on promising I wont have too many appliances on at once.. Guess what He LOVED it! Too funny...I had to share. I love this program Lyndsy developed. Simple, Yummy & REAL."

Feature Image

Anne-Marie Alifano

"Congratulations and well done for developing such a fantastic program designed to educate and inspire others to improve their health! Your honesty and courage is admirable as it's certainly not easy to confront such controversial topics.

Your own experience is living proof that diet is key for eradicating disease. So many people need to wake up and you're a wonderful teacher to bring that awareness and much needed change. Thank you."