The Natural Supplement Guide to Help Your Child with Autism or ADHD Thrive

I created this guide specifically for parents of children with Autism & ADHD so they can utilize the highest quality organic supplements in the world for helping their children thrive.

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Hi, I'm Lyndsy Karrie


Not too long ago (well actually over a decade ago now) I realized my son had autism and I began the journey to help him out the best I could.

It was going to take 10 months for us to be seen for a diagnosis, but I'm not the type of person to sit around and wait - I am the type of person who takes action.

I began to research things to help my son and I soon found a list of all kinds of supplements that were said to be helpful for children with autism.

I literally made a list and went to the local vitamin store and bought all the supplements I read online could help.

It wasn't but a couple months later that I began to read ingredients and learned that I didn't get what I thought I was getting all along.

I went to the ingredients and saw that these "vitamins" were filled with artificial flavors, colors, dairy, sugar, and all kinds of different things I was literally trying to avoid!

(I had also put my son on a gluten-free and dairy-free diet and learned that these products were filled with GMO's and pesticides, and other things I was trying to avoid too - but weren't even labeled!)

I am so grateful that I learned these things early on and was able to adjust accordingly, and continue my learning and thus get incredible results with my son's healing, but I see so many people making these simple mistakes and not getting the results they could be.

And now it is literally my mission to share the best of what I've learned on this journey to help my son thrive with others so they can watch their children thrive too.

It hurts my heart that there is so much disinformation out there, and that's why I spend so much time helping other families, because with the experience I have, the results I have gotten, the results my clients' receive,  the wisdom, the knowledge, the  research I have - I feel a responsibility and a sacred duty to share.

These Supplements Are Literally Life Changing

I have compiled the most life-changing, most effective, highest quality, 100% organic, additive-free supplements in the world for you to make sure you are only giving your child the absolute best, to help you save money, and make sure you're not using harmful supplements that can aggravate underlying problems and make them worse.

Help Your Child!

Of Course, I Think What You Eat Every Day is More Important Than Supplements but....


Diet is #1, and supplements are supplemental, but there are so many other things to be said!

First off, food is #1, but if you have a healthy diet already in place, then supplements can be a great help in healing the body and brain even faster and more efficiently than without!

Not just any supplement though, and especially not synthetic supplements with toxic additives, that can be harmful for an already suppressed immune system.

And #2, if you're struggling with dietary changes, or not ready for that yet, there are tons and tons of supplements that you can implement now to get real results!

Inside The Ultimate Supplement Guide you'll find supplements that help with everything from picky eating to digestion, mood, sleep, and so much more!

The only kind of supplements I really promote are 100% organic, wild harvested, naturally and sustainably grown, and then dehydrated and ground up and put inside a cellulose capsule - nothing else! Technology at its finest.

Everything in the world can be made good or bad, in my opinion. Bone broth, sauerkraut, eggs, milk anything.. it all depends on the source and what has happened to it since. 

For instance, pasteurized milk can be quite toxic for some and raw milk can be quite healing. There is a healthy version and an unhealthy version of everything in my experience, and I see the supplement industry just littered with 95% synthetic BS to be honest. Especially what's in the mainstream stores.

I have found that if you want the healthiest of things, you have to really go out of your way to find out. It's not commercialized, and it's not popular. But the good news is there are so many amazing companies out there making great products that are actually helping people! And I am excited to get the word out and share the best of what I have found with you!

That's why I created The Ultimate Supplement Guide for parents of children with Autism & ADHD. Because I want to get these amazing products in more people's hands and help more children thrive. 

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I'm so excited to help you!

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