The Real Food Challenge

Cutting out gluten, dairy and sugar has never been easier than with these yummy real food recipes + meal plans that will your whole family will love!

Here's a Brief Outline of Everything You're Going to Get!

Here's A Small Sample Of Week #1

  • Day 1: How to easily and properly set your intention for the reset! (Traditional diets rob you of this potential power - while The Real Food Challenge actually increases it ten-fold!)

  • Day 2: The little known secrets of accountability that can be the make or break moment of whether you experience failure or success!

  • Day 3: Why you can't trust ingredients on labels: Dirty tricks the food companies play with your health - and how to stop them COLD in their tracks!

  • Day 4: Where you should never shop for groceries! The dirtiest, most toxic grocery stores in the world and you are likely surrounded by them! We'll show you the best alternatives.

  • Day 5: Warning - Avoid storing your food in these type of containers. Ignoring this simple warning could put you at risk to ingest even more toxins into your system.

  • Day 6: Are you drinking the wrong kind of water? 9 out of 10 people are making this common mistake without even knowing it. 

  • Day 7: Juicing is healthy right? Not always! In fact, done wrong, juicing can put your health at serious risk. Day 7 will show you how to make sure you're juicing safely and getting the best tasting juice ever!  

Here's A Small Sample Of Week #2

  • Day 8: The easiest way to ensure you're staying on track, even when every fiber in your body feels like giving up. When you see this, you'll be inspired all over again to keep the streak alive. 

  •  Day 9: The truth about acidity in your body. What your doctor and most medical professionals never tell you that could seriously jeopardize your health.
  •  Day 10: Better than daily vitamins. Try these supplements and it will help your digestive system better than anything you've probably tried before. 
  •  Day 11: The sneaky ingredient tricks food companies use to lace your food with extra sugar without you knowing and how to avoid their traps.
  •  Day 12: Caution: If you are eating nuts without doing this simple process, you're potentially reeking havoc on your digestive system. Discover how to eat nuts the safest and healthiest way.

  • Day 13: Milk does a body good right? Wrong. It's the worst! Especially if you're drinking most store bought brands. Discover the facts on the best type of milk and dairy alternatives NOW!
  • Day 14: If you are worried about gluten in your food this will be the best chapter you will ever read. Discover how to eat pasta, pizza, pancakes, cookies and more without the gluten setbacks!   

Here's A Small Sample Of Week #3

  • Day 15: How to keep up the momentum now that you're half way through The Real Food Challenge. At this point, you'll realize it's easier to stick with your new routine than to fall backward into your old ways. 

  •  Day 16: Why you should avoid margarines and fake butter spreads even if you've been told they are healthier for you. In fact, many of them contain toxic oils that you should never ingest into your body. 

  •  Day 17: DANGER: The overwhelming amount of food in most grocery stores are sprayed with these cancer causing chemicals. If you care about you and your families' health you'll want to avoid these at all costs! 

  •  Day 18: The secret to making epic and healthy smoothies - and the best part is you can do this in less than five minutes! 

  •  Day 19: Plus, how to make your foods rich in probiotics for ultimate gut health. Insulate your stomach and digestive system with some of the best known foods on the planet. 

  • Day 20: 32 different natural anti fungals that help to fight off yeast and over unwanted funguses.  You'll wish you knew about these many years ago. 

  • Day 21: Why you shouldn't shy away from snacks and desserts. Yes, you read that right! Remember, you deserve to spoil yourself and that's exactly what we're going to do.   

  • Day 22: How to transform almost any nut into the most scrumptious nut butter that you can spread on bread, crackers, fruit, and more! 

Here's A Small Sample Of Week #4

  • Day 23: Discover healthy alternative and substitutes for dairy that won't disturb even the most intense lactose intolerant person. 

  • Day 24: Better than Wonder Bread! Don't think you have to get rid of bread on The Real Food Challenge. You'll be baking the moistest, warmest, most mouth watering breads ever!

  • Day 25: Plus, how to make noodles to die for. If you were happy to hear you can still have bread you'll be thrilled to know that we eat tons of noodles too on The Real Food Challenge!

  • Day 26: You scream, I scream, we all scream for Ice Cream! How to make the most delicious ice creams that are actually healthy and beneficial too!

    On day 26 you'll dive into ice cream recipes that will blow your mind! Never in a million years did I think healthy could taste this good! 

  • Day 27: Five overlooked foods that naturally boost your immunity. #4 you can often find in your own backyard. 
  • Day 28: Natural ways to detox the body of accumulated toxins and poisons that have built up over the years without starving yourself. 

  • Day 29: Do you take any of these 6 essential minerals? 

    If not, you'll discover yummy foods that are loaded with these minerals and will help you to avoid any type of deficiencies that many people suffer from.

  • Day 30: Yay! You did it. Today is the day you reward yourself with a job well done!  


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