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The Real Food Challenge

Take Action Now Because You & Your Family Deserve This Type of Health

I've done everything in my power to make The Real Food Challenge the perfect program for you to change the way you feel & eat forever.. And, I've provided you a rock-solid guarantee that ensures you have nothing to lose and everything to gain...

If you're not satisfied with the product and service for any reason, just send me an email at [email protected] in the next 30 days and let me know and I'll return every penny. I'll even let you keep all the recipes too!

What People Are Saying:

Your recipes are so easy to follow, prepare and most importantly eat!!! My oldest son is a very big food critic, and licks his lips when he knows we are having your Turmeric Chicken recipe for dinner. He says it's the best chicken in the world. There are fights for any left overs. The flavors are so tantalizing!!! Since trying your recipes, I have become more adventurous with herbs, spices and food in general. And my children are loving them and so is my husband.

Kim Adams

I just wish I listened to more sooner. Thanks to info from Lyndsy my psoriasis is near gone, I feel confident to make real food, and simply too. I'm actually saving money compared to fast food I ate before. I can eat as much as I want, and then some without indigestion or reflux. No more sore belly, anxiety is fading. The Real Food Revolution is here to stay.


I have been working with Lyndsy now for the past couple weeks. Lyndsy amazes me with her intelligence and hard work and I have learnt so much from her. I feel positive energy has so much to do with healing and Lyndsy's whole personality is positive and beautiful. I have a 6 year old on the spectrum and in these few weeks what changes I've seen are nothing less than a miracle MA. Thank you Lord for introducing me to Lyndsy.


Thank you Lyndsy for keeping me continuously inspired and highly motivated to stay the course on this healing journey for my son and I. What you are offering to the world is very special, important and beautifully done! If anyone is seriously interested in learning about creating the most healing, nutrient dense, kid friendly and delicious diet for their families, look no further! Amazing stuff!!! And man! By far THE best grain free pancakes I've ever made!!! Woohoo You are the best!!!


Hey Lyndsy, Noah has made loads of progress in the last few months, since working with you. I’ve just got home from a visit with my family and things went so well. Noah is improving every day. Can you believe we stopped in at my nieces 18th Birthday on the Gold Coast and he behaved sooo well. There was noise, heaps of people, lights etc and I completely expected we would need to quickly depart but he stayed for hours and genuinely enjoyed himself and all the attention. He even danced on the dance floor with his four uncles and has some pretty good moves. I truly believe GAPS is the key and I’m so grateful you insisted on it….thank you. Spontaneously yesterday he started playing tag with a group of children at the park, his eye contact is much better, his stimming has reduced by about 60%, he no longer vagues out and spin objects for hours on end and has started approaching people to say ‘hi ‘ and ‘bye’. We have been doing the QiGong ASD massage, as you recommended, and I can now brush his teeth, hair and cut nails ???? He showers his dad and I in hugs and kisses all day long and we actually went to a real restaurant last week and had lunch together ???? You and your group have been a game changer for us. I’m so very greatful for both and feel we are now on track to recovering our son. xx


AMAZING! I am super impressed with your recipes! The information you put together is so valuable! It’s packed with recipes, tips, videos, PDFs, and a community full of people looking for better health. I'm truly impressed. Just love what you put together.


The meals are wholesome and truly healthy (what I want) and they look delicious and filling (what my boys want). I like the structure and clarity of the plan. The plan is easy to follow and the recipes are SIMPLE enough for me to whip up. Thank you Lyndsy for making this accessible to my family. This is honestly an answer to our prayers! I love that I can download the pdf to my phone! This is such a great value. I've downloaded just enough to get me started but I see way more weekly plans, extra How To's, and videos when I am ready. This is fantastic!


So happy to share the improvements my toddler is making! He is repeating what ever I say! All thanks to God for introducing me to Lyndsy. I've done coaching with Lyndsy and I would really recommend you to work with her too.


The recipes are SO KID FRIENDLY! We have been trying to clean up our eating and this was just the inspiration we needed. It's beautifully presented with full color photos, easy to read simple to follow directions, and ingredients that are commonly found at the grocery store we shop. We enjoyed the pizza (of course!) and had fun replacing our bottled sauces for our homemade verisons. I was thrilled with this meal plan.


I cannot say enough good things about these recipes! These were the first "real food" recipes I've tried that didn't leave me overwhelmed and in the kitchen for hours. Lyndsy's pancakes and coconut bread with her strawberry jam was a huge hit with my toddler (and me too). In just 23 days, I have noticed 13 pounds gone, no more brain fog, tons of energy, arthritis pain gone, my wedding ring from 4 years ago is falling off, less stress and mood swings, and no more angry cravings. You guys, if I can make this kind of lifestyle change, anyone can!


Totally have a new fav!! Guys you gotta make the coconut bread! I used coconut butter and it is beyond yummy! The garlic (to me) is just perfection!! I could just eat it alone, it's so fluffy and flavorful!! And I made the enchilada sauce last week and my husband thought he died and went to heaven!! He was putting it on everything and eating it like salsa???!!!


The other night, I made the green juice from Lyndsy's recipes. It's an awesome way of getting veggies, ginger, and turmeric into my son with the added benefit of enzymes. He loved it. I will be making this juice over and over again.


Congratulations and well done for developing such a fantastic program designed to educate and inspire others to improve their health! Your honesty and courage is admirable as it's certainly not easy to confront such controversial topics. Your own experience is living proof that diet is key for eradicating disease. So many people need to wake up and you're a wonderful teacher to bring that awareness and much needed change. Thank you.